Casava Chips – Hot & Spicy

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Hot And Spicy

  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Type: Standard/Average
  • Taste: Hot And Spicy
  • Ingredients : Fried Cassava , chili powder, Salt powder , Spices ,Fried in palm oil.
  • When to Eat: Any time of day
  • When to Use: family use/ Catering/ parties
  • Available in: Bulk Packs
  • Condition : New and fresh
  • Availability : processed and packed for the Oder
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Casava Chips Hot & spicy is the most delicious & quality product. We are introducing you casava chips two different favors  ( Hot & spicy and Onion ). Now you can chance to buy this product this site your door steps.

  • Cassava is a root vegetable. People use the root as a food and to make medicine. Cassava is used for tiredness, dehydration in people with diarrhea, sepsis, and to induce labor, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Cassava root and leaves are eaten as food. The nutritional value of cassava is similar to a potato. However, cassava contains chemicals called cyanogenic glycosides. These chemicals can release cyanide in the body. Cassava must be prepared correctly before eating to prevent cyanide poisoning.

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Weight 1 kg

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